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Linode is one of the most popular VPS providers, and with good reason. With Linode, you'll get access to powerful virtual servers, fast SSD storage, and many great resources. Linode is a world-class cloud platform that’s perfect for small businesses. They offer fast, reliable service and have a great user experience. Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or just starting out, the Linode platform is the perfect choice for your business.

In this guide, I'll walk you through creating an API Token on your Linode account.

Create Linode API Token

Step 1: Log in to your Linode Account. Navigate to My Profile & Account → API Tokens.

API Tokens

Step 2: Click the API Tokens section and click on the Create a Personal Access Token button.

Create a personal token

Step 3: Enter Label, set Expiry as never, set Permission as mentioned below, and click the Create Token button.

Create token

Step 4: You can Copy your API key and click on the I have Saved My Keys button.

Create token

Integrate Linode API Token with XVPS

Step 1: Navigate to Profile

Create token

Step 2: Navigate to Integration Providers

Create token

Step 3: Select Linode

Create token

Step 4: Enter Title and Access Token and Click on the Check API button.

Create token

If your API Token is valid, you will see a successful message on the screen.